Is cruising for the landed gentry


Is a Cruise for the landed gentry?

When many of us think of cruising it immediately conjures up the thought of unaffordable luxury?  In years gone past cruising was for sure for the rich and famous however that is no longer the case.


Cruising is the still the fastest growing sector of the travel industry and if you have already cruised and in the converted club you will know why but if you still thinking it is for old people or that it is indeed too expensive then in this issue, we are going to dispel the myths that many of you have.


There is a ship for everyone, and the key is to pick the right ship.  When choosing there are a few key factors to consider.  So, the destination is paramount, then when you want to go and then how much you want to spend and there is a cruise for every budget. 


There is the mainstream 4* ships, an array of 5 star and some ultra-luxury 6-star ships. 


In cruising size really does matter so again choosing the size of ship is so important.  There are small intimate boutique style cruise ships taking only a few hundred passengers and then there is the ultra-ships which take up to 7000 passengers, so you can see why choosing the right ship is vital.


So, let’s talk about some of the myths


  1. CRUISING IS BORING – you are generally never more than a day or two from a port, and there need never be a dull day onboard. Bigger ships have everything from ice-skating rinks to basketball courts, dodgems, an indoor skydiving and surfing at sea. West End-style shows, casinos, cookery courses and classes in everything from astronomy to Zumba. You will also find world class Spas and Gyms on most ships. There is even ships with their own helicopter and a submarine.


  1. CRUSING IS FOR OLD PEOPLE – So gone are the days when the ships for geared just for old people and there is way more do to than ballroom dancing with a dance host and a game of shuffleboard. Many of the ships now are very family focused with incredible kids’ facilities. There are ships with bionic bars, ice bars and dancing under the stars.  There are some specific cruise companies that market to the what is known in the industry as the ‘Silver Market’ so that is why again choosing the right ship is so crucial.  One of the biggest growth markets we are seeing is in the family market as cruising really does have the full package for families and is perfect for a multi-generational holiday.


  1. CRUISING IS TOO FORMAL – there is a long association with cruise ships being all about the ball gowns and tuxedos but as the market has grown this has changed and many ships have a much more relaxed dress code even on some of the high-end ships they have a ‘no jacket required’ policy. Many ships will have an array of dining experiences, so you can have everything from French fine dining to a pizza and lots in between.  Another myth is all you do on cruises is eat and drink and whilst this is an option many of the ships offer great heathy alternatives and offer you the change to do a health reset in way of diet and exercise as have all the experts on hand.


  1. CRUISING IS TOO EXPENSIVE – So if you compare what you get included in your cruise fare with a good 4 star all inclusive hotel in the Mediterranean you will see how cruising can be exceptional value for money. The market is growing at such a pace that there is so much competition so that has driven prices down.  Booking early will always be the best way to ensure a good discount and in some instance’s FREE child places.


There are many more myths but we are out of space so the advice is to go and try it and see for yourself why a cruise is the most fabulous holiday experience and one that you will repeat and have said for many years that Cruising is addictive …. Once you have tried it once you will be hooked.


A great onboard tip – if you on your cruise and they are offering deals to rebook then you can sign up and not choose the cruise till later.  This is called an open deposit and allows you additional benefits when you come to book and the great thing is the booking goes back to your travel agent.


Icon of the Seas is a cruise ship under construction for Royal Caribbean International and will be the lead ship of the Icon class. She is scheduled to enter service in early 2024 out of PortMiami, and will have a gross tonnage of 250,800, making her the largest cruise ship in the world by gross tonnage.